Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I fell in love with 1624 Wheatley

13 years ago, we fell in love with 1624 wheatley pl. It was love at first sight - The picturesque location and the grand entrance were enough for us to fall in love with it right away.
Since then we have fallen in love with it again and again as we discovered more of the neighborhood and the schools.

An Entertainers Paradise
One of the first things we did with the home was to work on the yard to fulfill the promise of the large backyard. Now it is a gardeners delight, an entertainers paradise. The backyard has been designed to show color almost all seasons of the year. It starts off with the beautiful display in February with the blooming daffodils, followed by the tulips, the Asiatic lilys and banksea roses. Summer follows with south African lilys and crape myrtles. Summer and fall also bring a harvest of cherries, plums, apples and finally persimmons. It is a constant progression of color and beauty throughout the year. Most of these plants are mature and need little care. If we were in love with the home already, it took it to the next level.

Beautiful Interiors with Luxorious Upgrades
Next we worked on the inside of the home remodeled it with travertine backsplash and floors with beautiful metal inlays. Now the kitchen looked like a million bucks (literally) and the floors are inviting with a a welcoming warm glow.

Our lives shifted into a whole new gear with the birth of our kids. Our 2 kids 9 and 6 were born in this home and added more beautiful memories to the home.

Idyllic Surroundings with Lots of Outdoor Activities 
In the neighborhood, we now discovered walks to the pond and endless hours watching the ducks. My kids would love to go for walks to the park and the pond where they would feed the ducks. As the kids have gotten older we have started walking down the running trail to the two parts of Linear park . Each with their own different set of equipment - bottom more for
gymnastics and tennis and top for the kids swings, slides and climb up the large structures. In the more recent past, the kids have enjoyed camping by the creek and spending summer afternoons playing in the water in the hidden part of the park.
Great Place to Raise Your Kids - Great Schools
As the kids started going to school, we discovered the wonderful schools the area has to offer. James Franklin Smith is one of the best schools hands down. What I really liked about JFS is the parental involvement and the commitment from the teachers. Time and again we got insights from other parents who had volunteered in my kids classes. It really felt like the community was helping us raise our children. The teachers also played a positive role and partners in raising our kids. After a PTA meeting where we had mentioned to my daughters teacher Mrs. De Prima that my daughter was having trouble waking up on time for school, we were really impressed when we got a call from Mrs. De Prima to wake my daughter up the next day. This continued for a few days. Sure enough my daughter started waking up on time just to avoid the embarrassment of having her teacher finding out that she was waking up late.
I have personally not experienced the middle school but have heard good things about Chaboya middle school. Finally, the high school while not a superstar has had its scores rise in the last 5 years and should continue to do better. It is also a magnet school and has many specialty programs for students.

I am not much of an emotional guy but all of these things make 1624 a special place for me and my family. Unfortunately, we are moving to accommodate for changes in our places of work.

We have enjoyed every bit of the 13 years we have lived at this home. We invite you to fall in love with 1624 wheatley all over again.

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